Hannes Parmentier

Certified Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher

Certified  Acmos Bio-Energetician

Mobile:    0(032)473/454315

E-mail:    hannes@classicalyoga.be


Having a scientific background as engineer, I’ve always been searching for deeper meaning and depth in life. My spiritual journey started back in 2010 when I received my first initiation into Kriya Yoga by Himalayan master Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath after which I started practicing Kriya Yoga regularly with dedication.

In 2013 I did the Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher training in the Isha Yoga Center in South India under the guidance of Sadhguru and started teaching in Belgium from 2014 onwards as Isha Hatha Yoga teacher.

Meanwhile I also immersed myself into bio- energetics and did trainings at Archibo-Biologica where I learned to work with the Lecher Antenna and how to eliminate energetic disturbances in homes and the biosphere. Later, I started courses at Acmos SBJ International and became a certified Acmos Practitioner in 2022 in order to give energy balance sessions following the Acmos methode.

To this day, I continue to improve myself and grow by studying and doing daily sadhana, in order to better help everyone who is searching for a healthier and more joyous and conscious life.